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"Our powerful technology can help you handpick the right annuity to complement the rest of your asset allocation

Find the right annuity in minutes using the carefully executed features of our annuity screener application. Combine that with nearly thirty-years of good old fashioned experience, and the answers you deserve are just moments away.

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INCOMEANNUITY.COM takes pride in helping you buy the best annuity

Why choose us? We've been helping our clients match annuities to financial portfolios' since 1990. We've done it by building software solutions that help deliver high-quality, unconflicted investment advice. As another Robo Advisor™ brand, our entire philosophy is about helping our clients quickly find financial solutions that get things done.

Have greater peace-of-mind with your finances

We can help to improve your overall finances by using out-of-the-box thinking.

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Our Support Team is ready to help guide you through the process quickly and easily.

Easy to Customize

We can help you choose the right annuity type, company and product in a matter of minutes.

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High performance, super fast results and excellent product details to make things easier.


Our process is designed to steer you towards your financial goals, while helping to manage investment risk.
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Designing a retirement strategy around principal and income protection1 is a smart move towards greater financial security.

- Jeffrey J. Hovermale Founder & CEO of Robo Advisor™
People simply love annuities…

" dollars' worth were bought over the last 10 years by folks just like you

2nd Qtr. 2019, U.S. Individual Annuities Survey - LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute,

People buy annuities for many reasons…

These are some of the most common ones

Need more income

Hey, just because you're retired doesn't mean you can't get a raise. Fixed interest & Immediate annuities can help optimize income from unproductive assets.

Leaving a legacy

You want to leave assets to your family without the expense & delay of probate? Fixed, Indexed and Index linked annuites avoid probate and pay to your loved ones in double time.

Predictable returns

Not swinging for the fences any longer? Then you probably prefer sensible, fair & predictable returns without market risk. Fixed interest annuities can give you exactly what you want.

Concerned about market risk

Your looking for growth on your assets, but you can't afford to risk losing your principal to get it. Indexed & Index Linked annuities are good options for growth potential with downside protections.

Working for the future

Your still working but your ready to start making plans for the income you want when retirement begins. Longevity annuities can help you have the amount at exactly the time you want it to begin.

Concerned about inflation

You can have annuity payments with automatic increase options built right in. Income & Longevity annuities can give you the choice of a yearly percentage increase or one based on the CPI.

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From past to present, annuities have made life easier…

People have been buying annuities for centuries

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